1. Window is a user support to the latest ____ and ____
2. __________ is a desktop information management program
3. __________ is to draw oval shapes, oval circle using the ellipse.
4. To riverse the last performed action in the documents click__________
5. To redo a action on the documents we click __________
6. The purpose of chart is to __________
7. Windows 98 automatically starts loading from __________
8. __________ changes the first letter of sentences
9. __________ is to browse the internal.
10. __________ with the insert pictures icon appear.
11. We can select the desire file from the __________ in start office.
12. MS - Office is an application that is designed to work on different__________
13. MS - Excel is the most widely used __________
14. MS - Power Points can help to create _________ and _________ etc.
15. Word pad is an __________
16. _____________ to enlarge the window to fill the entire desktop.
17. Windows 98 allows to run ____________ applications
18. There are __________ points to an inch.
19. There is a named set of defaults for formatting ___________
20. Hybrid computer is used for ___________


1. Define Binary number system?
2. Define hexa decimal?
3. Define octa decimal?
4. Define ASCI 1 codes?
5. Define kinds of computer?
6. Define windows?
7. Define icons?
8. Define status bar?
9. Define desktop?
10. Define out put and storage device?
11. Define storage devices?
12. Define primary and secondary?
13. Define Hardware?
14. Define soft ware?
15. Define control unit.
16. Define input unit?
17. Define operating system?
18. Define custom filter?
19. Define lay out views?
20. Define how to check spelling grammer?



1. Explain Desk Top Icons?
2. Explain my computer?
3. Explain Internet explorer?
4. Explain copying and cutting files, renaming?
5. Explain ramous types of documents?
6. Explain working with dialog box?
7. Explain print and the exit command?
8. Explain Tool menu?
9. Explain about computer?
10. Explain finding records?
11. Explain checking spelling?
12. Explain windows 98?
13. Explain power point?
14. Define ctrl + function keys?
15. Explain Alt + Function keys?

1. Describe windows?
2. Describe computer generation?
3. Describe MS - Excel?
4. Describe word pad magic?
5. Describe starting an Application?
6. Describe opaque and transparent background?
7. Describe windows explorer?
8. Describe undoing and redoing actions?
9. Describe header and footer?
10. Describe software?



1. The ancient definition of psychology was_______
2. ______ is defined as the “science of mind”
3. ________ is the study of abnormal behaviour and change abnormal patterns of functioning
4. ________refers to the study of the behavior and mental life of animals other than human beings
5. _______makes study of the physical and mental growth of the child
6. __________is the study of the nature and causes of human social behavior
7. ________is the application of psychological theory and research to health, illness and health care
8. The two types of emotion are _______
9. The age between _________is called parrot age
10. _________is a clinically significant psychological pattern that occurs in an individual and is usually associated with distress.
11. _________refers to qualitative changes occurring in behavioral characteristic of the child
12. ________is defined as the arrangement of a child’s characteristic way of behaviour
13. Height, weight, health, physical manners are ______
14. All abnormal behaviour of a person can be called as __________
15. ________is the process by which sperm and ovum fare to form a single new cell
16. The new single cell is called a ________
17. At the age of ___________general finishing of body systems take place.
18. __________is a nonstandard form of speech used by adults
19. ________is a controversial accept in __________
20. The IQ for age 18 to 21 is ________


1. Define Psychology.
2. Define General Psychology..
3. Define Child Psychology.
4. Define Developmental Psychology.
5. Define Quantitative Psychology.
6. Define Clinical Psychology.
7. Define Counseling Psychology.
8. Define Health Psychology.
9. Define School Psychology.
10. What are the types of emotions, Give example?
11. Emotional Equipment.
12. Define Parrot Age.
13. Define Habit
14. Define Mental Illness.
15. Define Growth.
16. Give the Types of Personality?
17. Define Personality Disorders.
18. Define Fertilization.
19. What are the stages in the prenatal development of human beings
20. Define Speech.


1. Write Briefly about Emotions.
2. Write Briefly about Fear, Anger and Expression..
3. Describe about Growth & Development.
4. Intra uterine growth.
5. Major Milestones of Fetal Development.
6. Describe speech, child talk, Babbling.
7. Methods of Learning
8. Rewards and punishment
9. Montessori Method of Teaching
10. Give characteristics of play
11. Describe the Recapitalization Theory and surplus Energy Theory.
12. Principles of Play - way method
13. Demerits of play way method
14. Explain i) Abnormal psychology & cognitive psychology
15. Prenatal care and preparation for parenthood
16. Needs of children at various stages.

1. Write an essay about Emotion - Define, Types.  Emotional equipment, Early child hood and later.
2. Write about personality, Development is early childhood.
3. Write briefly about pre - natal development life..
4. Needs of children at various stages - physical, Motor and cognitive development.
5. Speech development - speech problems in childhood.
6. Intelligent quotient - mental age, chronic Age, How I2 is determined.  Intelligence development.
7. Write an essay about children who need special care.
8. Write an essay about theories of play
9. Write about demerits of play –way method
10. Write about prenatal care and preparation for parenthood, prenatal development and homograph images



1. _________ is defined as a state of complete physical.  Mental and Social well being.
2. Avoid foods that contain large amounts of _______ and ______
3. Saccharin, an artificial sweetener is used in many carbonated beverages.
4. Fibre in the diet lowers __________
5. ________is caused by large numbers of bacteria on food that enters our bodies when we swallow it.
6. _______is the example for energy yielding foods.
7. ________are the examples for body Building foods.
8. 1 gm of carbohydrate yields ______ calories.
9. 1 gm of fat yields _________calories.
10. 1 gm of protein yields _________ calories
11. The Basic requirement of carrying on the living process in the body is _________calories per day.
12. _________ serve as the main source of energy to the body.
13. _________ is the example for complete proteins.
14. Prolonged deficiency of fat may cause _______
15. Vitamin A is often referred to as the _________ vitamin.
16. Deficiency of vitamin A may cause __________
17. _________is essential for reproduction.
18. _________is the only way by which a baby can tell he is uncomfortable or hungry.
19. ________ is the immediate treatment given to the patient.
20. Vitamin D occurs in __________


1. What causes food poisoning?
2. What are the steps we can take to prevent food poisoning
3. Why weaning is important?
4. What are the foods that must be avoided to babies?
5. What are called protective foods?
6. Define carbohydrates?
7. Define complete proteins
8. Define vitamins
9. Define Night Blindness
10. Define phrynoderma
11. Define Riboflavin
12. Functions of Folic Acid
13. Function of Pantothenic acid
14. Define Crying
15. Define Fever
16. Define thrush
17. Define Bruping
18. Define Bottle Feeding
19. Define Breast Feeding
20. Define First Aid


1. Write short notes on avoid Excessive salt and spices.
2. How much food should babies be given?
3. Sterilizing bottles
4. Requirements & Effects of Deficiency Vitamin - D
5. Explain Niacin
6. Write shortly vitamin - B12
7. Write short notes about Minerals
8. Write shortly about Iron
9. Personal Hygiene
10. Care of Equipments
11. Explain Breast Feeding
12. Nutrition Programmes
13. Mid - Day Meal Programme
14. Immunization schedule for children
15. National programme for Nutrition support to primary education
16. Required immunization upon entry to school.


1. Write an essay about health and Hygiene?
2. Write briefly about Guidelines for Good Health?
3. Write Briefly about Factors Affecting health?
4. Write about planning a daily routine for children?
5. Write an essay about Vitamin - A, Functions, Effects of deficiency, Daily requirement
6. Write an essay about calcium and phosphorus.
7. Write briefly about Iron - Functions.  Effect of deficiency, Daily requirement, Sources.
8. Write an essay about Good selection and storage, care of Equipments.
9. Write an essay about Breast Feeding - its importance
10. Write about National programme for Nutrition support to primary Education.



1. _______g is setting up of things and providing proper school Environment.
2. _________ is co-related to the different activities going on in the school.
3. .
4. The school should not be located in ________and ______
5. The class room should be designed to support a________
6. _________can be used to allow better placement of equipment as long as they are placed safety.
7. _______ is an essential service in all the school because it reduces physical strain of the students.
8. _________was a successful teacher served pestalozz is school at verdu for 3 years.
9. __________ is responsible of designing, directing and guiding functions in context of play activities.
10. Cultivation of ______through play way activities.
11. Dr. Maria Montessori was born in ______
12. ________is essential for growth & development of the child.
13. ________ means that no teacher is necessary.
14. The term ________ was used by _________
15. ________is used for developing Motor skills.
16. Education theory of Froebel is based upon__________
17. Results of the _________are enticed in the health record.
18. __________of children maintained daily in a record helps to note the number of days the child attends school in a month.
19. Service Books are usually prepared in the care of ______________
20. _______too how much the parents participate in the school programs.


1. Define School.
2. Give two aims of school management.
3. What are the major points to be consider in the function by school administration.
4. Define Planning
5. Define organising
6. Define Budgeting
7. Define co-ordination
8. Define controlling
9. Define site selection
10. Define classroom
11. Furniture in classroom
12. Principle of Manual Work & Hand Work
13. Principle of sense Training
14. Principle of unity
15. Self Education
16. Health Cards
17. Importance of Records
18. Attendance record
19. Stock record
20. Stock register


1. Aims and objectives of school management
2. Function of school administration
3. Kinder garden method
4. Principle of spontaneous development of child
5. Merits of play way method
6. Limitations of play way method
7. Didactic Apparatus for sensory Training
8. Procedure for the use of Didactic Apparatus for Training in senses
9. Limitations of Montessori Method
10. Out door area in school.
11. Advantages of keeping records
12. Types of Records
13. Fees receipts
14. Stock Register
15. Attendance record - Attendance Register of students & Attendance register of staff.
16. Staffing and Budgeting


1. Write an essay about school management?
2. Write an essay about Kindergarten Method
3. Write an essay about play - way Method.
4. Merits & Limitations of play way Method - Explain.
5. Training in different senses using Didactic Apparatus.
6. Play grounds out door play Material, Indoor Play Material
7. Types of Records & Importance of Records.
8. Records of Teacher estimate on the individual child.
9. Fees receipts - Daily Fee Collection Register & Term Fees Register.
10. List of permanent Records to be kept and Records to be destroyed after a specified period.




1. Who was the first woman to take the degree of medicine _______
2. In which university of psychiatric clinic she was appointed ______
3. She worked with __________children
4. Who described the physiology and began to educated muscular system _________
5. Montessori introduced ___________
6. The first four periods are known as the formative periods. At the age between _________years
7. Sensory education develops at the age of ___________years
8. The effectors are ________
9. Feel of subject in given through ________with________
10. Through specially designed apparatus the child gains sense of ______
11. The red rods help to child the recognise differences in _________
12. The ________in a famous equipment to illustrate the _________
13. Puppets are of _______
14. Horizontal line is used for ______
15. Story telling is a _________
16. A story telling should be of _______minutes in length
17. Through stories children are introduced to ________
18. Before telling a story teachers must note children are_________
19. Teachers should _________the children to tell a story
20. There should be a balance between _________


1. What is known as adolescent?
2. What is Moral development?
3. What are the physical needs in one life?
4. What is Intellectual Explain?
5. What is known as Integrating system?
6. What does the play provides to the children?
7. How does the material help the children to develop their muscles?
8. What is used while teaching language in conjunction?
9. Mention the four objectives in the broad stain?
10. What is known as the knobless cylinders?
11. What the materials introduced in the Thermic Bottles?
12. What kind of materials are used in the Touch Boards?
13. What is the meaning of "BARIC" from which language it is converted into english?
14. What do you need for the touch fabrics?
15. Why & watches are used in the montessori?
16. What is known as word building?
17. Explain what is phonogram?
18. How mathematics is taught in the montessori?
19. By whom the Grammer, History and Science materials are made in the montessori?
20. How you stimulate Imagination?


1. Describe the montessori method of teaching - arts and grafts?
2. Who was Dr. Maria montessori?  Write in brief?
3. Why maria montessori was interested in biology?  Write in brief?
4. What her biographer, E.M. Stands? Write in striking brief?
5. What is meant by dead mutes? Write in brief?
6. What are the activities grounded in muscular other sense? Write in brief?
7. In which year, the special congress on teaching and learning was held and where? Write in brief?
8. When was maria montessori was appointed as a professor of pedagogic and what other activities she continued? Write in brief?
9. What is meant by casadie bambini? Write in brief?
10. When was montessori appointed as government of inspector of schools for italy? Write in brief?
11. In which year montessori visited india and when she died? Write in brief?
12. What is doctrine of liberty? Explain?
13. Write the stages of children in brief?
14. Why children love big words? Explain?
15. What is geometric solids? Explain?
16. What is meant by learning the sounds through sand paper letters? Explain?
17. How should the teacher try to help the child?


1. What do you know about the three period lessons write a brief note on it?
2. Write in brief about the colour boxes and their types?
3. Write in brief about stereonostic sense?
4. Write briefly about the 23 signals of creativity?
5. Write the advantages and disadvantages of using pictures?
6. Write briefly about the suggestion for parents to make their children creative?
7. Write briefly how can you encourage a child to be creative?
8. Write in brief about development, Aesthetic creative, imaginative abilities, flash cards, story charts, number charts.  Number game?
9. What is puzzle maps write briefly?
10. What is bank game write in brief?




1. The police booked _____ F.I.R. _____
2. Each one should have _________ dictionary.______
3. Put __________ sugar in my cup of tea._______
4. ________ more _______ merries. _______
5. There ________ elirt on their plate and _________ dirty mark on _________ tablecloth. __________
6. Suresh, would you like to have an omelette for your breakfast or an only bread and Jam?
7. Lata : I would like to have ________ fruits ________
8. ________ Australian sheep gives us very good wool. ______
9. You can write the message on ________ piece of paper or in _________ notebook. _________
10. Much later _______ scientists started ________ studying about _______ moon. ___________
11. He is _________ Indian.________
12. Put ______ sugar. _________
13. __________ you think English is easy________
14. It is right to say _________ you please help me.
15. The study of sound is called __________
16. The study of sound is called __________
17. Verb is an __________
18. The Chinese __________ attacked the Russians.
19. The patient __________ slept.
20. The aero plane took  __________ at six o clock


1. Define what in a noun?
2. Define kinds of noun?
3. Define pronoun?
4. Define Adjective?
5. Define verb?
6. Define Auxiliary verb?
7. Define what are modal Auxiliaries?
8. Define Adverbs of Degree?
9. Define interrogative adverbs?
10. Define what are exclamatory words?
11. Define some relative adverbs?
12. Define compound?
13. Define conjunctions?
14. Define interjection?
15. Define Finite and Non - Finite verbs?
16. Define indefinite article?
17. Define definite article?
18. Define punctuation?
19. Define Active and Passive voice?
20. Define Types of sentences?


1. Explain types of letters?
2. Write any two kind of official letters?
3. Write how to prepare Bio - data for interview?
4. Write any two types of job application?
5. Explain Telephone etiquette?
6. Explain what is the new word added newly to the old stock of English vocabulary?
7. Explain Birds and animals are superior to human beings in one respect how?
8. Explain "WH" type question words?
9. Explain few sentences using "should, would"?
10. Explain few sentences using "may, might"?
11. Explain few sentences using "may, among, before"?
12. Explain few sentences using "behind, beneath"?
13. Define what is meant by omission of article?
14. Define phrase?
15. Define kinds of participle?
16. Define interjection?


1. Write what is meant by reporting letter? Explain briefly?
2. Write what is meant by memorandums? Explain briefly?
3. Write what is known as order - letters? Explain briefly?
4. Explain briefly the procedure of job application?
5. Write an essay on fruits and vegetables?
6. Write an essay on now a days India?
7. Write an essay on pollution?
8. Explain how English is useful to us?
9. Explain how you write a resignation letter?
10. Write what in complex sentence?